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Short Course Standards

Last Updated: Nov 02, 2016 03:43PM EDT
  • On a topic related to renewable energy or sustainable building
  • Provides participants with accurate, up-to-date, and actionable information, knowledge, and skills
  • Contains specific, technical, real-world information (as opposed to general or theoretical information)
  • Should have one specific audience in mind (and specify their pre-existing knowledge, skills, level of experience, etc. on the sales page)
  • Is original material that is not publicly-available anywhere else

  • Any course must include a lecture video at a minimum
  • May also include supplementary readings, links to publicly-available resources, or tools (e.g. Excel calculators)
  • May include a quiz to test participants’ understanding of the material
  • May include discussion questions (if the instructor would like to encourage interaction on the discussion board)

  • Should be a narrated slideshow that has been recorded using a screen recording software like Camtasia
  • May contain an introductory portion with video of the instructor speaking to the camera but should not include video of the instructor throughout
  • Should not contain dates (e.g. September 2016) or references to upcoming course sessions (since the content will likely be used for several years)
  • Should not contain hyperlinks since they will not be clickable in the video
  • Related websites can be linked as separate items in the course itself
  • Must be a minimum of 30 minutes
  • Though you’re welcome to “break up” or organize the content however you see fit, we recommend that you provide at least 1 hour of content
  • Should cover a single topic in some depth
  • Should provide real-world examples and images whenever possible
  • Slides should not have any branding or logos on them
  • Should not use slide transitions other than a simple fade in/out. Its best to keep the presentation simple, so don't use animations or flashy transitions when you change from one slide to the next.
  • Should only include the instructor’s contact information if s/he is okay with being contacted directly by participants
  • May mention that certain concepts or topics are covered in more depth in a full, premium course
  • PDF copy of slides may be included in course as a downloadable resource

Video Quality
  • Video should be created using Camtasia or a comparable screen recording software
  • We will provide a copy of Camtasia after reviewing and approving your slides
  • Export file should be an MP4 file with 720p resolution or better.
  • Details on ideal export settings for Wistia:

Audio Quality
  • Should sound like the viewer is in a quiet room listening to the instructor
  • Should not have background noise (e.g. dog barking, whirring fan, static, other voices, rustling of clothing, traffic sounds, phone or desktop notifications)
  • Instructor should mute any phone or desktop notifications before recording
  • Should be recorded using a professional USB-connected microphone (which we will provide if you do not have one available to you)


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